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Poor sleep may increase chances of depression
If your teenaged son or daughter is regularly waking up till late in the night, he or she is likely to have poor sleep, or which may increase their risk of developing mood disorders, especially depression, researchers have warned. A new study showed that teenagers with sleep deprivation may indulge more in respecting behavior and addictions. This is because chronic sleep deprivation reduces the proper functioning of putamen-an area of the brain that plays role in goal based moments and learning from rewards. Lack of proper sleep also leads to less activity in brain’s reward system. For the research presented in the 56th annual meeting of American College of neuro psycho pharmacology in the California, the team studied, the sleeping behavior of the participants aged between 11 to 15 years. Team divided the total participants on into groups and allowed one group sleep for four hours while rest completed 10 hours of sleep. While noting by MRI scans of the participants each time team repeated the same sleeping patterns and Interchange it in between the groups. The participants were also made to answer questions and while playing a game that involved receiving monetary divides of dollar $10 one which measured their emotional functioning and depression systems. Results showed that participants were sleep deprived and play the reward game for longer hours, of the the putamen was less responsive while in the rest condition the brain reason did not show any difference between high and low reward conditions. What is meant to experienced less activation in the putamen also report more symptoms of depression.


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