brain health

Healthy brain

Living near green spaces may boost kid’s brain Natural surroundings including green spaces is likely to boost the development of children’s brain suggests a recent study. A previous study has already indicated that green spaces within and surrounding school could enhance cognitive development in children between 7 and 10 yrs of age. Researchers at Barcelona institute for global health explained

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sleeping hours teenagers

smartphones and sleeping hours in teenagers

Teens trading sleep for smartphone time Adolescent today are increasingly depriving themselves of sleep and instead spending more time on their smartphones or other devices say scientists who found that teens sleep fewer hours per night than older generations. Most sleep experts agreed that adolescents needs 9 hours of sleep . Each  night to be engaged and productive children less

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increase n height

Increase in height and increase in muscle mass

Steroids, a risk for eyes Steroids abuse through supplements and medication may cause cataract in youngsters With the increase in sale of protein and steroidal supplements used by aspirant muscles there is parallel increase in consumption of intake of steroids. This is despite the fact government has taken action against steroid abuse in various states. Steroid is a useful component

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brain tumor

Brain tumor and ayurveda

A dangerous mass Brain tumor are generally prevalent in adults and rarely happen in children. However emerging data presents a contradictory picture. Every year 40000 to 50000 people were diagnosed with brain tumors in India. Although these tumors are 10 times more common in adults as compared to children. The number of kids being afflicted with this harmful mass has

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high blood pressure management

High blood pressure and ayurveda

High blood pressure ups heart valve disorder risk Do exercise and eat proper diet daily as high blood pressure from early life may increase the risk of developing the most common heart valve disorder particularly among older people warns a recent study . Researchers at the university of Oxford followed 5.5 millions adults in UK over 10yrs. They found that

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