pregnancy with ayurveda

Asthma with pregnancy in Ayurveda

Asthmatic moms to be at Risk of having underweight babies
According to recent studies asthma increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery as patients suffer more often from pre eclampsia and run a higher risk of giving birth to underweight babies. These and other complications during pregnancy and delivery can be explained by hereditary or environmental factors . Asthma is a common disease caused by chronic inflammation in the lungs with symptoms of coughing and breathlessness and effects between 8-10 percent of child bearing age in Sweden. Using data from Swedish birth prescribed drug and patient register , researchers at karolinska institute have been able to examine the link between asthma in pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes. Studying more than one million births to just 700000 women between 2001 and 2013 they found 10 percent of babies born had a mother with asthma . Four percent of all pregnant women develop pre eclampsia . We found that risk of pre eclampsia is 17 percent higher in women with asthma compared to women without asthma . Additionally women with asthma were more likely to have underweight babies, instrumental delivery ,Cesarean section and shorter pregnancy.
To ascertain whether the complications could be attributed to hereditary and environmental factors. Researchers also see cousins and sister who are asthma free have very less complications compared to asthmatic patient. This means that well controlled asthma during pregnancy could reduce the relative incidence of complications during pregnancy.

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