frozen shoulder

Ayurvedic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Preventing Frozen shoulder
Frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint.
It happens in three stages
One is pre freezing or painful stage that lasts for one to three months.
Stage two called freezing lasts for three to nine months. In this stage progressive loss of shoulder movement happens and there is an increase in pain especially at night.
The third and last stage is frozen which lasts for 9 to 14 months with less and decreased range of motion.
Middle aged  people and women are commonly affected . It is more common in diabetics and people who have been operated for shoulder and upper limb surgery. When the shoulder is incapacitated for a long time.
Connective tissue known as the shoulder capsule surrounds the shoulder joint. Synovial fluid enables the joint to move without friction. Frozen shoulder is thought to happen when scar tissue forms in the shoulder. This causes the shoulder joint capsule to thicken and tighten leaving less room for movement.
Movement may become stiff and painful. Symptoms start gradually. If you are unable to comb your self, change your clothes and if you are unable to lift your hand above the shoulder level or there is niggling pain even in elbow .
Usually one shoulder is affected at first and then followed by other in a few months .  It is unusual for it to recur in same shoulder and seldom resolves on its own in one or two years.
Adhesive capsulitis is more a clinical diagnosis and imaging in form of plain x-ray is rarely required.
Yoga and massage and Ayurveda treatment is good for Frozen shoulder treatment
Initially one should start with cold fomentation to reduce inflammation.
In allopathy doctors give intra articular injection.
Frozen shoulder can only be prevented if it is caused by an soft tissue injury or trauma that make shoulder movement difficult. At that time main concern is mobility. You can consult for ayurvedic treatment to

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