Ayurvedic Treatment For Increasing Memory

Sweat your way to a better memory
Turns out, working up a sweat is not just good for making you happier and calmer, it is also the secret to a better memory. The McMaster University findings could have implications for an ageing population which is grappling with the growing problem of catastrophic diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Scientists have found that six weeks of intense exercise or short bouts of interval training over the course of 20 minutes showed significant improvements in what is known as high interference memory which for example allow us to distinguish our car from another the same make and model. The findings are important because memory performance of the study participants, who were all healthy young adults, increased over a relatively short period of time,”said by researchers. They also found that participants who experienced greater fitness gains also experienced greater increase in the brain derived neurotropic factor, a protein that sports the growth, function and survival of brain cells. Further study 95% participants completed six weeks of exercise training, combined exercises and cognitive training or not training. Both the exercise and combined training groups improved performance on a high interference memory task while the control room didn’t.




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