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Increase in height and increase in muscle mass

Steroids, a risk for eyes
Steroids abuse through supplements and medication may cause cataract in youngsters
With the increase in sale of protein and steroidal supplements used by aspirant muscles there is parallel increase in consumption of intake of steroids. This is despite the fact government has taken action against steroid abuse in various states.
Steroid is a useful component in medical practice which are often prescribed to treat certain chronic inflammatory conditions such as asthma, eczema, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and Rheumatoid arthritis.  However eye specialist warn that high or prolonged steroid intake or steroid abuse leading to loss of vision.
With fitness being a growing trend many youngsters are resorting to shortcuts and consuming steroids are building muscle in a short period. Beside other side effects of steroidal consumption an overdose or prolonged dose might damage the eyes. The tech savvy world requires us to glued to our screens in and out. But harmful rays emitted by these increasingly call for protection .
Cataract which is primarily a protein related disease of eye can also happen in relatively younger people due to environmental and other causes. If you are suffering from a medical condition in which steroidal drugs are prescribed, it is advisable to speak to the doctors about their potential side effects on eye. Patient suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis consuming steroids for prolonged durations. Increasing consumption of prescription based steroids is because of the rising incidence of non communicable diseases accounting for 60 percent of the disease reportedly under the health survey conducted by the UN. Chronic consumption of steroids is great risk of developing cataract.
Regulated steroid intake does not cause trouble. But when people take steroids for prolonged conditions there is significant risk for the development of cataract due to steroids. Ophthalmologist and surgeon should help patients in controlling steroids intake and recommend alternative therapies.
Cataract a leading cause of blindness that is preventable. In fact up to 62 percent of blindness cases in India is believed to be caused by untreated cataract.
Fortunately cataract is easily treatable and advanced ophthalmology solution can enable patient to lead active lifestyle with a good quality of life even post cataract surgery.
One of the solutions for preventing cataract is generating awareness around it . Prolonged exposure to blast furnaces and even UV rays can cause cataract. Since cataract is not restricted to older populations parents should get their kids eyes checked. As far as adults are concerned people post 40 yrs should make eye check up must along with other regular medical tests.
Self medication can be extremely harmful and thus the dosage of steroids should be regulated by physicians.

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