Consultation for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Take charge of your joints Awareness and early diagnosis are the key to tackle progressive painful arthritis Arthritis means inflammation in the joints . As early diagnosis can be important that people can avail of timely treatment . Arthritis is progressive musculoskeletal condition associated with pain stiffness and swelling of the joints leading to reduced mobility. It is very common

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eating habits in teenagers

Guidelines for Healthy Liver

  Eating too many sweets is bad for heart Drinking too many soft drinks and eating lot of sweets may put even otherwise healthy people at increased risk of heart disease warns new research. The study revealed that healthy man had increased levels of fat in their blood and fat stored in their livers after they consumed a high sugar

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pregnancy with ayurveda

Asthma with pregnancy in Ayurveda

Asthmatic moms to be at Risk of having underweight babies According to recent studies asthma increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery as patients suffer more often from pre eclampsia and run a higher risk of giving birth to underweight babies. These and other complications during pregnancy and delivery can be explained by hereditary or environmental factors .

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